Proposal Rock Inn 
48988 Hwy. U.S. 101 S 
Neskowin, OR 97149

Neskowin is considered an unincorporated community which is located in Tillamook County, Oregon.

The most prominent feature in Neskowin is the large beach where Slab Creek empties into the Pacific Ocean. Just offshore is the tree-lined basalt sea-stack known as Proposal Rock.

In the town of Neskowin, you’ll find a general store, restaurant and two golf courses and numerous Rental Homes on the beach. A short drive north will lead you to Nestucca Bay, which is excellent for non-motorized water sports, such as canoeing and kayaking. Neskowin also offers easy access to the Cascade Head Trail which takes you through wonderful stands of spruce and views of the ocean.

Neskowin is located about 90 miles away from Portland, Oregon. Lincoln City and Lincoln Beach are only 13 miles to the south. This is where many visitors stop to pick-up supplies before coming to Neskowin.

Located just a 2-hour drive from Portland, Neskowin is a crown jewel of the Oregon coast.