our rooms and how to
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We’re a bit unique among motels as each of our rooms are all slightly different. We offer many different options and configurations, from spacious 3-bedroom ocean view condos with full kitchens and flat-screen TVs to budget-minded studios with east facing views (meaning the view is of the hills and not the ocean).

To see all our available units, visit our online-booking page which has images of every room. There, you’ll be able to search based on number of rooms you’d like, desired view, and many other options.

So you know what to expect, the search form will be in the upper left-hand corner and will look just like this:

You’re free to search based on specific criteria, or you can just leave fields blank to be shown as many rooms as possible in the search results. When you find a room you love, you’ll be able to make your reservation immediately.

The view from room 322

To explore our rooms and make a reservation, click here:

If you’d prefer to speak with us directly about a reservation,

please call us toll-free!


(Office hours 9am-6pm local time)